Now Up-To-Date & Contact Integrated With PhoneValet

Now Software has announced the integration of Now Up-To-Date & Contact within PhoneValet from the Parliant Corporation. Now Up-To-Date & Contact is a contact and scheduling management app designed for business environments. PhoneValet Message Center is utility designed as a multi-service message center. The two apps now work in tandem to provide complete contact management. According to now Software

Now Software, maker of the #1 best selling cross-platform calendar and contact manager Now Up-to-Date® & Contact® (NUDC), and Parliant Corporation today introduced a complete, business telephone management solution based on the integration of Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Mac and the PhoneValet Message Center. The solution provides automated call logging in Now Up-to-Date & Contact, dialing, and reading of calendar and to-do lists over the phone.

The integration features include:

  • an Applescript for automating call recognition and logging with Now Up-to-Date & Contact. Opens existing records, or creates new records for unknown callers. It creates call notes and logs the call on the user’s calendar
  • password protected reading of today’s events and “To Dos” over the phone
  • integrated dialing through PhoneValet to supplement Now Up-to-Date & Contact’s current option of tone or modem-based dialing

You can find more information about the Now Up-To-Date & Contact and PhoneValet integration at the Now Software Web site. A Now Up-To-Date & Contact and PhoneValet bundle is available for US$269.95.