Nyko Introduces 9 iPod Accessories, Including iPod MoviePlayer

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Nyko Technologies introduced nine iPod accessories at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. The products range from a complete multimedia center that turns your iPod into a movie and image viewing device, to a device that moves an iPodis controls to the top, to external batteries, and more.

Nyko is a company that has heretofore been known as a maker of game controllers, and this weekis product launch marks its first foray into the world of iPod accessories.

The product descriptions according to Nyko:

  • MoviePlayer, a groundbreaking peripheral that transforms the iPod into a complete multimedia center, allowing users to transfer and play movies, videos and photos on a 3.5 in. 65,000 color TFT screen with built-in control pad
  • iTop Button Relocator, a sleek adaptor, plugging into the iPodis remote port, that relocates all basic control functions from the face of the player to the top of the iPod -- perfect for listening on-the-go, whether running, biking, or just toting in a bag or pocket
  • Speaker Dock, a stylish charging cradle that lets users listen to their favorite tunes on their iPod in crisp, clear stereo while charging up their unit for portable use
  • Universal Car Mount, an attractive, easy-to use, and durable holder for mounting the iPod/iPod mini in the car, featuring a quick release for easy installation. Compatible with car chargers, FM transmitters, and other accessories
  • iBoost, a slim and compact rechargeable battery pack for iPods with dock connectors, that adds up to 16 hours of extra playtime and features high-quality lithium-ion battery cells
  • iBoost mini, a slim and compact rechargeable battery pack for iPod mini that adds up to 10 hours of extra playtime and features high-quality lithium-ion battery cells
  • Charger Case for iPod, a stylish, shock resistant aluminum charger case with a built-in power supply that will fully power an iPod three times before it needs recharging itself
  • Stereo Link, an ideal dock connector to RCA plug cable that allows the iPod to connect to any device such as a home stereo, pro-audio workstation/mixer, television, DVD player, VCR, car stereo and HDTV
  • FireWire Adaptor, a high performance adaptor that allows the iPod to connect to a FireWire port for transfer speeds of 400Mbps

As of this writing, company spokespersons were not immediately available to respond to our questions about who would need a FireWire Adaptor for iPod, which is actually built around FireWire.

Pricing for these products has not yet been announced, but the company said that the new products will ship in "early 2005." As of this writing, Nyko has not yet added information about the new products to its Web site.