OEM File Converter Updated From Recosoft With Improved Filtering

Recosoft Corporation has released an update for VEM, bringing it to version 1.7. VEM is designed to work in tandem with OEMis, and allows users the ability to convert files across different platforms such as Apple and Linux. The update expands import/export filtering and adds newe file format support. According to Recosoft Corporation:

RecoSoft Corporation announces the availability of VEM v1.7 an upgrade to its cross platform data extraction, file format conversion and import/export SDK.

VEM allows applications and server based solutions to extract data, perform file format conversions and import/export services for document types such as MSWord, PDF, RTF, Appleworks, MacWrite II, HTML and EGWord.

VEM v1.7 contains updated import/export filters, support for more new file formats - PDF and MSWord 2003. VEM v1.7 also adds support for Arabic and Hebrew languages.

You can find more information about the VEM update at the Recosoft Corporation Web site. VEM pricing strategies are available by contacting the Recosoft Corporation Sales Department.