OK, So Maybe You Don't Have To Go To Germany

Yesterday we reported that even though some people State side were having a hard time finding the new line of Macs, German shoppers were not having any such problems. Now the new machines are starting to show up in quantity at a number of American retail outlets. According to one such place, The Computer Store:

The New Macs Are Here.

Seattle, WA: You don?t have to wait any longer to test and take home the next generation of Apple technology. We have received a large quantity of the new G4/400?s and the awesome dual processor G4/450?s. We also have large quantities of both the new Graphite and Snow Special Edition iMacs and all colors of the new DV+ iMacs.

The new 17" Apple Studio Display and the 15" Apple Cinema Display are expected in quantity any day and the new $799 iMac and The G4 Cubes are just a few weeks from arriving.

"We are selling the new line of Macs as fast as they arrive. Fortunately we get large shipments every day" said Sean Luckman General Manager of the Computer Store in Seattle.

You can find more information at The Computer Store web site.