O'Reilly Now Shipping Book For Java Development On OS X

OiReilly & Associates has published a new book aimed at Java developers, ""Mac OS X for Java Geeks"". Written by Will Iverson, the book is an in-depth exploration of software development on OS X using Java. According to OiReilly & Associates:

Praise for the newest Mac operating system has ranged from mildly glowing to unbridled hyperbole. Regardless of the choice of words, there is general agreement that Mac OS X is elegant, powerful, visually pleasing, and virtually crash-proof.

Even those who are not under its spell can observe the willing migration of users to Mac OS X. And end-users are not the only ones making the transition; the new OS is drawing developers, too, including a steadily increasing number of Java developers.

The reason for this? Novelty and a pleasing countenance, while appealing in their own right, may not provide impetus enough to lure Java developers from their current development platform.

Iverson, an experienced Java developer who has been working in Java since Java 1.0 shipped, considers Mac OS X one of the best Unix-based application development workstations available.

The book begins by laying out the Mac OS X tool set, from the included Java Runtime Environment to third-party tools, IDEs, and Jakarta Ant. Readers will be brought up to speed on advanced, Mac-specific extensions to Java, including the Spelling Framework, the Speech Framework, and integration with QuickTime.

In addition to providing clear explanations of these extensions, the book teaches Java developers how to write code that falls back to non-Mac specific code when it runs on other platforms to keep applications portable.

You can find more information about the "Mac OS X for Java Geeks" book at the OiReilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$39.95.