O'Reilly Now Shipping "eBay Hacks" Book

OiReilly & Associates has published a new book examining the Internet auction site, "ebay Hacks". Written by David A. Karp, the book desconstructs the inner workings of the popular site, and provides readers a resource for improved use. According to OiReilly & Associates:

Call it what you like--an online auction house, the worldis largest flea market, or a vast, ever-changing bazaar--but no metaphor exactly describes the huge community that is eBay.

In "eBay Hacks" author David A. Karp provides tools and strategies to master eBay, whether youire a buyer trying to win an auction without paying too much, or a seller dealing with
anxious customers and possibly deadbeat bidders. Youill find a wide range of topics, from monitoring the bidding process, getting refunds, and fixing photos so that sale items look their best, to in-depth tips for running a business on eBay and writing scripts that automate some of the most tedious tasks.

Thatis just the nuts and bolts. "eBay Hacks" also gives you an inside look into the unique eBay community. Author David Karp--an eBay user from the very beginning--teaches you how to work within this community to maximize your success.

You can find more information about "eBay Hacks" at the OiReilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$24.95.