O'Reilly Releases iPod & iTunes Hacks

OiReilly has released a new book called iPod & iTunes Hacks. As its name implies, the book offers readers a variety of different things they can do with both their iPod and iTunes. According to OiReilly, the book shows readers how to:

  • Use their iPods with both Mac and PC
  • Turn the iPod into an FM radio station, portable stereo, or wireless jukebox
  • Use the iPod as a portable hard drive, and access those "hidden" music files
  • Turn the iPod into a universal remote control or voice recorder
  • Play and create games for the iPod
  • Read e-mail, news, RSS feeds, books, and more on the iPod
  • Extend iTunes using Java or Perl

You can find out more about iPod & iTunes Hacks at OiReillyis Web site, including sample hacks. The new title is priced at US$25.95 ($16.47 - Amazon).