OS X Compatible HTML Editor Updated

Split Software has updated their recently released HTML editor, NetSmith, to version 1.1. NetSmith is a full-featured Web authoring tool providing users with the ability to easily apply formatting and styles to various aspects of a Web site. The latest version address a number of bugs and adds a host of new features, and the application is Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X. According to Split Software:

NetSmith is a powerful HTML editor. It features over 25 inserts, over 40 formatting options, powerful code editor with indent preservation, syntax coloring, and invisible marker support, full AppleScript support and included demo scripts, HTML entitles, clipping storage, color pallete with websafe and RGB colors, built in preview, preview in browser, upload, export, and so much more.

NetSmith also features assistants that you can write yourself or use one of the included examples. A tutorial on writing them is also included. These are not inserts that other HTML editors try to claim as assistants, these are full assistants that will guide you through creation of full webpages in a matter of minutes.

The Error Tracker hunts down errors and gives you a comprehensive list of all errors in the document. Document Utilities let you view organized lists of tags and their properties as well as set document conventions, and modify tags or the document in general.

Custom Tags let you make your own inserts or formats, as well as add words to NetSmithis syntax coloring index, and error tracker.

Bug Fixes:

  • Underline and Italics style formats now work correctly.
  • Insert Table now works correctly and end tag is inserted.
  • Fixed Undo/Redo bugs where undoing an insert would just remove syntax color.
  • Fixed errors in Small Company Menu Frame Assistant.
  • Opening files containing styled text now will no longer be displayed as the first style in the document, and will be displayed in plain text in the chosen editor font and size.
  • Opening a document already open no longer creates a duplicate document window with the same file, and will instead just activate the window containing that file.
  • Fixed Tag AppleScript command.


  • Files are now saved in plain text format rather than WASTE. This now only saves text, so the files will be slightly smaller and will be able to open in any type of plaintext editor.
  • When using a file created by an application other than NetSmith, saving the file does not change it to a NetSmith file.
  • When inserting a horizontal rule, image, or font, blank fields are no longer excluded. Checkboxes have been added to enable or disable certain fields.
  • Insert Line Break has been changed from a window to a menu. Under this menu are now Normal, Clear All, Clear Left, and Clear Right.

NetSmith is available for US$21.95. You can find more information at the Split Software Web site.