OS X Developer Book Released From Project Omega

Project Omega has released a book titled "Mac OS X - Panther for developers". The book is designed for OS X developers and features topics ranging from Panther development solutions to the new features in Appleis latest OS. According to Project Omega:

Project:Omega is happy to announce the availability of a book titled "Mac OS X - Panther for developers", as free 5.4MB PDF file.

The 88 pages cover valuable information about hot topics among which you will find the following ones:

Chapter 1: A Unix Called Mac OS X

  • Learning about Unix and the command line tools
  • Advanced Unix Users
  • Compiler update : GCC 3.3
  • Compiling open source software with DarwinPorts and Fink

Chapter 2: The Xcode Revolutions

  • The Xcode IDE and all its new features
  • InterfaceBuilder 2.4
  • Updates for Cacoa and Carbon
  • Command Line developer tools
  • Performance and Profiling Tools

Chapter 3: Major New APIs

  • the Web Kit
  • The Search Kit
  • The Address Book Framework

You can find more information about "Mac OS X - Panther for developers" at the Project Omega Web site. The PDF book is available as a free download.