OS X Font Manager Updated

Vincent Jalby has released an update for X Font Manager, bringing it to version 1.1. X Font Manager is a font utility designed for the management of font files in OS X. The update features a new deactivation function. According to Vincent Jalby:

Vincent Jalby is pleased to announce the release today of the final version of X Font Manager 1.1, a simple font manager for Mac OS X.

Product description:

X Font Manager is a simple font manager for Mac OS X. It let you activate and deactivate your fonts by moving them in and out the Fonts folders. You can save several (global) sets and switch between them. The font information part shows the content of the font file and previews both active and inactive fonts.

New in this version:

  • This version allows to deactivate system fonts.

You can find more information about the X Font Manager update at the Vincent Jalby Web site. X Font Manager 1.0 is available shareware for US$12.00.