OS X Note Pad Utility Updated

Bruno Blondeau has updated his multi-purpose note pad utility for Mac OS X, iOrganize. iOrganize allows users to easily store a variety of information, including notes, contacts, and file aliases. iOrganize is an ideal replacement for OS 8/9is Note Pad functionality. According to Mr. Blondeau:


NotePad : the first module of iOrganize was created to improve on the original system NotePad. Use iOrganize the same as you would the original NotePad, but with a lot of new features, as well as a clean and efficient user interface. Organize your notes in several categories, store email or web addresses (thanks to its ability to use your Internet applications), and even import your old NotePad file into iOrganize to make the transition easy.

ContactPad : Are you looking for an easy-to-use address book? Then ContactPad is what you are looking for! With many useful features, such as Internet links, it allows you to easily store everything you need.

AliasPad : Organize your files without worrying about their physical location on your disks. AliasPad tracks your files even if you move or rename them, in much the same way Finder aliases work. However, AliasPad lets you store as many aliases as you want in one centralized location, rather than multiplying countless desktop files! Use it as an application launcher, a small MP3 play list, or to organize files by their type or function, without having to regroup them on your disk.

iOrganize is available for US$15. You can find more information at Mr. Blondeauis Web site.