OS X Users Book Now Shipping

John Holland has released a new book for OS X users entitled, "Mac OS X for Creative Proffesionals". The new book offers OS X users a comprehensive view of the inner workings of Appleis latest operating system. John Hollandis aim is to help creative professionals making the transition to OS X less daunting. According to John Holland:

Though Mac OS X offers Macintosh users unprecedented power and stability, few creative professionals have yet made the plunge. The challenges of learning and mastering an entirely new operating system, as well as software compatibility issues, have caused most creative users to postpone this complex transition.

A new book, "Mac OS X for Creative Professionals" will help these users successfully transition to Mac OS X. Written especially for graphic designers, artists, producers and creative managers of print and digital media, the title is a comprehensive guide to the myriad of issues associated with the upgrade to Mac OS X.

You can find more information about "Mac OS X for Creative Proffesionals" at the Creative OS X Web site. "Mac OS X for Creative Proffesionals" is availble for US$49.99.