OS X Users Can Now Get Organized

SukiSoft Technologies has updated their multi-featured Personal Information Manger (PIM) program, Org, to version 2.0. Org allows users to easily tie together their most important information, including contacts, messages, and appointments, to help make managing that information as easy as possible. According to SukiSoft Technologies:

Org Release 2.0 for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8/9: Elegant and Powerful Personal Information Manger links your Appointments and ToDo List items to your Contacts in one simple interface.

SukiSoft Technologies announces the availability of Org 2.0, a significant advance over our lightweight Macintosh PIM, DayLynx. Org 2.0 is a Macintosh PIM that lets you link your Appointments and ToDo List items to your Contacts with a flexible multi-view or efficient all-in-one-view interface.

Org 2.0 consists of four modules: Address Book, Appointment Manager, ToDo List Manager, and Calendar. Each of these modules has its own independent window which may be hidden out of view or laid out on your desktop in a manner which suits the way you work. Alternatively, all four of these modules can be presented within the same window for a powerful, unprecedented all-in-one-view of all your Contacts, Appointments, ToDo tasks and Calendar.

Org 2.0 takes the next bold step of uniting these independent modules with "links". At a glance, you can determine who in your Address Book has Appointments and ToDo tasks assigned to them, and which Appointments and ToDo tasks are assigned to which members in your Address Book. Suddenly, Appointments come alive with addresses and phone numbers. Likewise, members in your Address Book are displayed with all linked Appointments and ToDo tasks.

Org is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the SukiSoft Technologies Web site.