OS X Users E-mail List Available

Eric Prentice, also known as The Macintosh Guy, has launched a new mailing list for OS X users. The Mac OS X For Users list will focus on helping users become accustomed to the new operating system from Apple. According to Mr. Prentice:

Greetings. Iim excited to announce the transition of "Mac OS X Beta" list into "Mac OS X for Users".

A forum focused on providing discussion, support and community around the new Mac OS X Public Beta. Discussion will focus on the needs of end users dealing with everyday issues.

Mac OS X Beta list has been one of our most succesful lists with over 1200 subscribers and averaging about 1500 messages each month. This is a high volume list and a digest version is available.

You can find more information, and register for the new mailing list, at The Macintosh Guyis Web site.

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