OS X Version Of IPNetMonitor Released

Sustainable Softworks has pre-released an OS X bundle of IPNetMonitorX. IPNetMonitorX is a network utility designed for Web developers and administrators. The bundle ships with several enhancements including improved Trace Route and Port Scan. According to Sustainable Softworks:

Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning Mac networking and security software, has created a pre-release bundle of IPNetMonitorX, now native for Mac OS X, with the Classic version of its popular set of network diagnostic tools.

IPNetMonitorX v0.9 improves on the Network Utility included in Mac OS X with new implementations that are more responsive, intuitive, and visually easier to work with, as well as perform functions that could not be performed by the corresponding Unix tools.


  • An improved Trace Route, adding IMCP Trace
  • An improved Port Scan, adding UDP scan and responsive time outs for identifying stealth ports
  • A convenient Lookup, used to convert between IP addresses and domain names
  • Address Scan, including Look Around, Last Seen, and Domain Name features
  • DHCP Lease, which shows lease parameters including Name Servers and allows manual Release and Rebind across multiple DHCP configured interfaces
  • Subnet Calculator, which makes it easier to specify IP addresses and masks for routing
  • Link Rate, which measures the effective throughput of a nearby data link
  • Connection List, which displays TCP connection status, UDP listeners, and other statistics including the controlling process
  • TCP Dump, which allows you to view the packet headers of network traffic to see whatis happening on the data link
  • TCP Info, which shows detailed TCP statistics allowing you to see how well TCP/IP is working on the fly

You can find more information about the IPNetMonitor release at the Sustainable Softworks Web site. IPNetMonitor 0.9 is available for US$40.00.