OS X Versions Of URL Manger Pro And Web Confidential Updated

Alco Blom has released new "preview" versions of his popular shareware titles for OS X, URL Manager Pro and Web Confidential. URL Manager Pro 3.0b7 allows users to store URLs in a central location, accessible by a variety of Internet programs. Web Confidential 3.0b2 provides easy and secure storage for passwords and other important information. According to Mr. Blom:

Today I have uploaded new previews of my shareware applications URL Manager Pro and Web Confidential for Mac OS X. Today the previous previews expire. Hence, these new previews. The new previews expire on June 24, 2001.

New with this version of URL Manager Pro for Mac OS X is a icomponenti, or extension, that implements these new features:

  • puts up a shared icon menu in your web browser (IE or iCab) that lets you switch easily with Shift-Cmd-U to URL Manager Pro.
  • automatically launches URL Manager Pro when you launch your web browser.

URL Manager Pro for Mac OS X is now at 3.0b7.
Web Confidential for Mac OS X is now at 3.0b2.

URL Manager Pro is the professional bookmark manager for Mac OS. Web Confidential is the professional password manager for Mac OS.

You can find more information about Web Confidential at its Web site, and about URL Manager Pro at its Web site.