OWC Announces Fast, Quiet SuperDrives For Almost All Macs

Other World Computing (OWC) on Thursday announced three new SuperDrive models for almost all Mac models, a tray loading version with and without LightScribe and slot loading version without LightScribe. Prices start at US$31.99.

The Pioneer slot loading drive offers 20x burn speeds for DVD ?R (compared to Appleis standard 16x) and 10x for dual layer (compared to Appleis 8x). The CD burn speed is 40x (compared to Appleis 32x). This unit is priced at $31.99. A Samsung version with slightly better specs, (12x dual layer and 48x CD burns) that includes the LightScribe laser labelling is priced at $34.99. These units are available for iMac G4, PowerMac G3, G4, G5, eMac, and Mac Pro.

A slot loading version compatibile all the way back to Appleis Titanium PowerBook G4 burns DVD ?R single layer at 8x, dual layer at 6x and burns CDs at 24x. LightScribe is not available in this Panasonic unit which is priced starting at US$99.95. The drives are available for Apple iMac G5, iMac Intel, G4 Cube, PowerBook G4, and iBook G4 computers.

OWC offers an easy online guide lets you select the right Superdrive model for your Mac system. Bundles are also available that include Apple iLife, Roxio Toist and NTI Dragonburn.