OWC Announces Portable 200 and 250 GB Drives

Other World Computing (OWC) announced on Tuesday the immediate availability of its new 7,200 rpm, bus powered, portable hard drive, the Mercury On-The-Go 200 GB portable hard drive.

The portable drive is compatible with virtually all computers with an available FireWire or USB port, including all Macs and PCs. It also works with all FireWire or USB gadgets, including digital cameras and camcorders, for an instant on-the-go portable storage solution to quickly and safely store all your digital photos and video when traveling.

Mercury On-The-Go 200 GB

The drive is built on the latest Hitachi 7K200 mechanism with OWCis custom Oxford 924 bridge that interfaces to FireWire 800/400, USB2, and eSATA.

The 200 GB Mercury On-The-Go portable drive is priced at US$359.99. OWC simultaneously announced a 250 GB 5,400 rpm model, with the same interfaces, priced slightly less at US$319.99.