OWC Introduces New High Capacity Battery For 1st, 2nd Gen iPods

Is the battery in your first or second generation iPod starting to fade? There are quite a few places out there that will sell you a replacement battery, but why not get a higher capacity battery at the same time? Other World Computing and Newer Technology have teamed up to bring you just that. According to the two companies, the new 2100mAh Lithium-Polymer battery from OWC provides 70% more capacity than the stock iPod battery. From OWC:

The NewerTech battery is the highest capacity iPod battery on the market and provides 70 percent more capacity than standard Apple stock batteries. It is available immediately for $39.95.

The 2100mAh iPod replacement battery uses the same high-quality Li-Polymer technology used by Apple Computer (Nasdaq: AAPL) to make the original iPod batteries. The NewerTech battery also comes with two non-scratching installation tools and a detailed instruction manual to guide users smoothly through the installation process.

OWC and Newer Technologyis 2100mAh Lithium-Polymer iPod battery is available immediately for US$39.95. For the month of September, buying the new battery along with a Newer Technology RoadTrip FM transmitter for the iPod will net you US$10 off the total purchase when using the coupon code "HIGHROAD".