OWC Lowers Blu-ray Drive Prices

Other World Computing announced on Thursday that it has reduced the price of its Mercury Blu-ray external and internal drives. These drives read and write Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-RAM, CD and virtually every optical media, according to OWC.

The drives feature high-capacity storage, up to 50 GB per disc, for write-once or rewriteable media at a burn speed of 24X, full high-quality HD picture, and Surround Sound capabilities. Dual layer burning of DVDs at 8.5 GB is also supported.

OWC Blu-ray External Drive

For the external drive, the interfaces include USB 2 and FireWire 400. For the internal drive, the interface is IDE/ATAPI. All required cables, two 25 GB blank Blu-ray discs and a full copy of Toast 8 are included. (Currently, Mac OS X cannot write to Blu-ray discs, and Toast is required.)

The OWC Mercury Blu-ray external drive is now priced at US$599.99 and the internal at US$499.99.