OWC Offers Mac Pro Memory at All Time Low

Other World Computing announced on Wednesday that memory prices for the Apple Mac Pro have reached an all time low of US$64.31 per gigabyte.

The pricing means that Mac Pro customers can install 16 GB of RAM in their Mac Pro for only US$1,029. Thatis about one fourth of the factory cost. These prices are for 512 MB x 2, 1 GB x 2 and 4 GB x 2 kits. The OWC 4 GB x 2 kits provide for up to 32 GB of RAM in the Mac Pro.

"OWC Memory is fully-tested premium quality memory that meets or exceed all Apple specifications. Utilizing superior components, including true Apple-Qualified heat spreaders, the memory modules provide a lifetime of high-performance, reliable operation backed by a Money Back Guarantee and OWC?s Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty," an OWC spokesperson said on Wednesday.

OWC is also offering RAM for the Apple Xserve for as low as $68.75 per gigabyte.

OWC has an easy to use RAM shopping guide that allows users to select their model and desired upgrade.