Objectpark Updates Menu Calendar With Viewing Mods

Objectpark Development has released an update for Menu Calendar, bringing it to version 1.8.0. Menu Calendar is a utlity designed for brief monthly or daily calendar glancing. The update features several enahncements including viewing mods and bug fixes. According to Objectpark Development:

Objectpark Software releases version 1.8.0 of the popular, free Mac calendaring utility iMenu Calendari.

With the free iMenu Calendari a pocket calendar is always at hand, reachable from an icon at Mac OS X the menu bar. A click on a day entry brings the user directly to the respective iCal entry - the calendaring application build into Mac OS X.

New in version 1.8.0:

  • shows birthdays from address book
  • click on day number now switches iCal view to day view
  • click on the month opens that month in iCalis month view
  • click on a week number opens that week in iCalis week view
  • added tooltip to menu icon displaying the full date in the active locale
  • the drawer no longer closes automatically while the mouse cursor is over it
  • tracked current month in drawer when month changes
  • added support for Norwegian
  • new icon set (choose from 1 of 3 icons)
  • fixed a bug regarding February 29th

You can find more information about the Menu Calendar update at the Objectpark Development Web site. Menu Calendar is available as freeware.

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