OfficePool 2001 Helps Track NCAA Tournament

In the United States, March means only one thing: March Madness. The annual NCAA Menis College Basketball Tournament gets underway today, and a new utility is available to help keep track of winners, losers, and everybodyis office pool. OfficePool2001 allows users to easily create a Web site for monitoring, running, and scoring an OfficePool2001. According to Pachyderm:

OfficePool 2001 is a program that completely automates your 2001 NCAA Basketball Pool. You can print and view detailed standings and brackets or build an entire web site with a click of the mouse. If you have a computer and you are a hoops fan, then youive gotta have OfficePool 2001!

New Features include:

  • Play-In Game option (needed for the 2001 Tourney)
  • Possibilities report (After 2nd round games are complete)
  • Customizable web templates so you can make your site look the way you want (HTML Editor not included)
  • Web-based Entry form (Form processing script access is preferred)
  • Keep Track of whois paid and whois delinquent.?

Other Features include:

  • Create a full web site for your pool (Standings, Possibilities, Brackets, etc.) with a single click of the mouse (Well, maybe two clicks)
  • Loads of scoring options to make your pool the way you want it, not the way some software company wants it.
  • The one and only QuikPik (TM) feature which automatically generates completely random brackets. Very useful for those addicted to the lottery and also fun for those who donit know anything about basketball!

OfficePool2001 is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Pachyderm Web site.