Office Solutions That Fit In Your Pants: PDA Keyboard Now Shipping

Cirque Corp. is now shipping PDA keyboards for Handspring and Palm OS devices. The keyboard is designed to be a faster alternative to using the stylus when entering text heavy information. The keyboard is compatible with Visor Edge and has its own power source. According to Cirque Corp:

Cirque Corp., a leader of customized input technology solutions for the consumer market and digital device manufacturers, today announced the availability of the PDA Pocket Keyboard and adapter for the HandspringTM VisorTM Edge.

Rather than using the stylus for Graffiti®, the keyboardis non-mechanical keys allow for faster typing capability enabling people with Visor Edge to better manage calendar and address text input.

The PDA Pocket Keyboard is also compatible with all Palm operating system versions along with the entire Palm product line. The keyboard is light and compact measuring 3.85 inches x 2.68 inches and weighing 1.9 ounces. To use the keyboard, users simply install Cirqueis PocketKeys software into their PDA to activate the device.

You can find more information about the PDA keyboards at the Cirque Corp web site. The PDA keyboard is available for US$41.95.