Old Jewel Updates My Favorite Things With Online Documentation

Old Jewel Software has released a new beta version of My Favorite Things, bringing it to version 0.9. My Favorite Things is a utility designed for tracking a users work habits. The update features online documentation and other minor modifications. According to Old Jewel Software:

Old Jewel Software is proud to announce the release of version 0.9 of My Favorite Things, its self-configuring launch utility.

My Favorite Things is a launch utility that tracks what you do with your Mac and makes it easier to do it the next time. My Favorite Things keeps a running tally of every time you launch an application and every time you open a file or folder using its menu.

The most important change in version 0.9 is the appearance of a complete set of online documentation available from the launch menu. But there have been other tweaks since version 0.8.7.

Changes in My Favorite Things version 0.9 include:

  • Added a preference to start up My Favorite Things at login
  • Added online help
  • Rearranged the items in the My Favorite Things menu to make the more commonly used things appear near the top
  • Contents menu item now shows the name of the folder whose contents will be shown
  • Some modifications to the way labels appear in the Launch Menu depending on prefered icon size
  • The application icon has been cleaned up
  • Some slight UI tweaks

You can find more information about the My Favorite Things update at the Old Jewel Software Web site. My Favorite Things is currently available as freeware.

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