Old School Web Designers Rejoice! BBEdit 6 Released

Bare Bones Software has finally released the long anticipated BBEdit 6.0. BBEdit is a multi-purpose text editor, ideal for web site designers who prefer to code by hand. The new version add support for XHTML, as well as offering increased extensibility. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the release of version 6.0 of their flagship product, BBEdit(tm), the premier HTML and text editor for the Macintosh.

BBEdit 6.0 expands its markup standards support and now includes markup tools, syntax coloring and syntax checking for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and WML 1.1.

Unparalleled editing power for all users

With the release of version 6.0, BBEdit users can read, write and edit files containing multi-byte characters, including Unicode text files. Rich Siegel, President and CEO of Bare Bones Software says "Weive worked hard to implement this functionality, and weire extremely pleased with the results. BBEdit is by far the most powerful tool available today for working with any kind of text."

BBEditis renowned multi-file search and replace has also been enhanced, adding advanced multi-criteria file filtering and more flexibility in viewing and navigating search results.

Create custom work environments

The source code recognition capabilities of BBEdit are now developer-extensible, thanks to a plug-in architecture which allows language designers to implement advanced syntax-directed coloring and function navigation.

OSA scripting support has been significantly expanded in BBEdit 6.0, which now incorporates robust Apple Event Object Model and Text Suite support, recordability, and menu attachability. BBEditis advanced AppleScript support makes it even easier to use as part of an automated workflow solution for Web designers, software developers, and many other users.

BBEdit 6.0 also features an improved glossary with language sensitive sets ideally suited for storing customized markup sequences and inserting them into documents with a single keystroke. In addition, BBEdit now offers more flexible key bindings, so users can now set key equivalents for almost any feature usable in the application, including Perl scripts and filters, and OSA scripts.

More tools for web authors

BBEditis award-winning HTML markup tools have been improved further in version 6.0, by making tag insertion and editing commands available from contextual menus. Other additions include an expanded Entities table, enhancements to the web-safe color palette (including VisiBone 1 and 2 layouts), and the ability to preview a document simultaneously in all running browsers.

Finally, there are numerous refinements throughout the application, including support for the Apple Keychain in the built-in FTP tool, multiple clipboards, support for Navigation Services file dialogs, and Appearance Manager awareness. New QuickTime support enables viewing of QuickTime movies and translatable image files without leaving BBEdit, and a new command for manipulating Internet-style quoted text makes formatting email and Usenet articles simpler than ever.

BBEdit 6.0 is available for US$119. Users of BBEdit Lite, as well as a host of other web design tools, may purchase the product for US$79. You can find more information at the Bare Bones Software web site.