Omikron Basic Update Released

BERKHAN-SOFTWARE has released an update for Omikron Basic, bringing it to version 7.1. Omikron Basic is a programming language designed for software developers. The update includes a Symbol List function and expanded "Undo" capacities. According to BERKHAN-SOFTWARE:

The programming language Omikron Basic for Apple PowerMac is now available in its finalized version 7.1. The functions announced in the beta version are now all implemented. However, there are some additional improvements listed below.

The following improvements have been implemented:

  • The iSymbol Listi function announced in the beta version is now available. Use this function to display in a window all symbols (variables, procedures, etc.) used in a program.
  • The iUndoi function has now two levels. The first level of this function consists of undoing only changes within the current program line.
  • The LIBRARY command - familiar to some from older Omikron Basic versions for Atari computers - was reintroduced in a modified and improved form.
  • Of course, we also eliminated any and all errors reported by our beta testers

You can find more information about the Omikron Basic update at the BERKHAN-SOFTWARE Web site. Omikron Basic 7.1 is available for US$ 143.00.