OmniGraffle Beta Released

The Omni Group has released a new beta version of Omni Graffle, bringing it to 2.0.b7. Omni Graffle is a diagramming and charting app designed for the visual enhancement of raw data. The beta version ships with several new features including expanded AppleScript support. According to The Omni Group:

A new Beta of OmniGraffle 2.0 is now available for download.

OmniGraffle 2.0 Beta v7 includes improvements on stability, some bug fixes, and numerous tweaks. Check out the totally cool and improved AppleScript support that goes beyond just mere AppleScript support (weill have a fancy marketing term for it when we come up with one).

Features, fixes and minor tweaks:

  • More AppleScript support
  • AppleScripts can be configured on the toolbar, complete with custom icons
  • AppleScripts can be attached to individual graphics
  • "Edit->Copy As->AppleScript" copies the current selection as AppleScript source
  • Added extended text support
  • Added more ERD and IA line endings, and modified the IA palette
  • The Size Info pane can be used to set the dimensions of lines that are not connected to anything
  • Added preferences for newline insertion, label creation, and line creation
  • Added right-to-left and bottom-to-top hierarchical layout
  • Added Bigger and Smaller menu items to the Font menu
  • Added an opacity slider for images
  • Made shadows draw lighter if the fill color was partially transparent
  • and more..

You can find more information about the OmniGraffle beta version at The Omni Groupis Web site. OmniGraffle 2.0 b7 is available for US$59.95.