OmniWeb Updated, Bug Fixes And New Localized Versions Included

The good people at The Omni Group have released an update to OmniWeb, their Mac OS X browser. The new version, 4.0.5, includes bug fixes and compatibility with developer releases of Mac OS X 10.1. It also includes more foreign language versions, or localized versions in the parlance of the times, with Spanish, Dutch, and Italian added to the stable. From The Omni Group:

Today, The Omni Group released OmniWeb 4.0.5, an award-winning native Cocoa web browser built specifically for Mac OS X. OmniWeb is now available in more languages than any other web browser on Mac OS X, supporting Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and English (with full documentation for Spanish, French, German, and English). Compatibility stability, and performance have also been improved with this latest release. See iRelease Notesi below for a detailed list of changes.

While Apple is pushing hard for Mac OS X development and support, The Omni Group is pushing hard to make OmniWeb the de facto standard for Web browsing on Mac OS X. Current development is focused on two parts-- 100% compatibility with all Web pages, and localization of OmniWeb for all the major languages of the world.

The incredible story here at Omni is that localization is really happening with the support of volunteers around the world. "Folks have just contacted us from all over, offering to help us localize OmniWeb to their native language. Itis been incredible to watch; we set up a mailing list to use as a forum for those individuals working on localization, assigned one engineer to address their issues, and have watched as localized versions of OmniWeb have come back to us. And theyire not just translators either; many of them have helped tremendously in reporting bugs and suggesting fixes. We could not have done it without their support and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you to Joshua Done for his work on Japanese, David Remahl for Swedish, Pablo Díaz for Spanish, Joris Artels II for the Dutch translation, Patrick Gordiniis for the Italian version, and Niels Herkild and René Frej Nielsen for their Danish localization of OmniWeb."

OmniWeb is truly an international Web browser built for -- and by -- Apple users around the world.

Release Notes:

  • Language support additions
    • Spanish (complete with documentation), by Pablo Díaz
    • Dutch, by Joris Artels II
    • Italian, by Patrick Gordini
    • minor adjustments to existing localizations
  • Other highlights
    • A performance issue affecting users of the Graphite appearance as been fixed.
    • OmniWeb should now be usable on developer prereleases of Mac OS X 10.1.
    • Some web pages which appeared blank (particularly Chinese and Japanese pages) should now display properly. (We now recover from invalid character input when decoding a page.)
  • Changes
    • We now include a web serveris port number in our HTTP Host header, improving compatibility with some web sites (particularly those based on the Zope web server).
    • Fixed a bug (introduced in 4.0.1) with our processing of CSS rgb() colors.
    • OmniCrashCatcher is now compatible with developer prereleases of 10.1.
    • Patched NSBundle so we arenit hitting the filesystem every time we look up a localized string.

You can find more information and download links for OmniWeb at the companyis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$29.95.