Omni Releases OS X Graphing Tool

The Omni Group, fast establishing themselves as the major player is OS X applications, has released OmniGraffle. OmniGraffle allows users to draw graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, and other designs. The current release is a time-limited beta, expiring in February of 2001. According to The Omni Group:

OmniGraffle helps you draw beautiful diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and other directed or non-directed graphs. If you want to organize anything graphically using boxes and lines, OmniGraffle is your tool.

This beta release of OmniGraffle includes a free license which will expire on February 1, 2001. This release will not function at all without a license, but future releases will allow you to use the application in a limited way without paying for it.

Weid love to hear what you think about OmniGraffle: please send your bug reports, feature requests, and feedback to

OmniGraffle features:

  • A gorgeous and easy-to-use interface that takes full advantage of direct manipulation and is completely Aqua compliant.
  • Select between 22 kinds of shapes, and change shapes after youive placed them. (Want your circle to be a square? No problem.)
  • Color your shapes and lines with partially transparent ink.
  • Export to PNG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF format for easy cross-platform and web compatibility. (Full transparency information is preserved to the degree allowed by the target format: we recommend using PNG when producing content which is partially transparent.)
  • Lines drawn between shapes or other lines "stick" to their origins and destinations, and automatically move when their origin or destination is moved.
  • Up to three text labels can be attached to a line, and you can position the label anywhere along the line, with the text reading horizontally, vertically, parallel to the line, or perpendicular to the line.
  • Many more features...

OmniGraffle is currently available for free. You can find more information at the Omni Group web site.

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