One-click Access to Network Diagnostics

Troubleshooting network-related problems can be a real pain, but Mac OS X includes a cleverly hidden application called Network Diagnostics that can help. Normally you need to use the Network Preference Pane to get at Network Diagnostics, but you can add it to your Dock for one-click access.

Most Mac users get at Network Diagnostics like this:

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences to launch the System Preferences application.
  • Select the Network Preference Pane.

  • The Network Preference Pane is the normal route to Network Diagnostics.
  • Click the Assist me button.
  • Click the Diagnostics button.

If you arenit already having a network-related problem, you can add Network Diagnostics to your Dock so itis available any time you want it. Hereis how:

  • Navigate to System/Library/CoreServices

  • Network Diagnostics is hiding in the CoreServices folder.
  • Find the Network Services application and drag it to your Dock. Be sure the original application stays in the CoreServices directory because thatis where Mac OS X expects to find it.

Network Diagnostics can help track down network-related issues.

Now you can access Network Diagnostics any time you like with a single mouse click instead of working your way through to the Network Preference Pane. Sure, you are saving only four mouse clicks, but when your network connection goes down, those four clicks could mean the difference between annoyed and raging mad.

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