One Click From Mail to Address Book

Appleis Mail application treats email addresses as objects called Smart Addresses. The cool thing about Smart Address objects is that they give you one-click access so some of Mailis features - including adding a new contact to Address Book.

When I get an email from someone that I want to add to my Address Book library, I let the Smart Address contextual menu handle the dirty work for me. Hereis how:

  • Search through your email for a message that the person you want to add to Address Book either sent you, or was listed as a recipient along with you.
  • Click the disclosure triangle on that personis Smart Address object.
  • Choose Add to Address Book from the pop-up menu.

Click on Smart Address objects for quick access to Mailis features.

Smart Addresses also let you perform other tasks, like replying to a single person from a group email, initiate an iChat session, create a Smart Mailbox or perform a Spotlight search for that person, and more.

Alternately, you can choose Window > Previous Recipients to see a list of people you have sent messages to. People that are already in your Address Book database show a card icon next to their name. You can add additional people to Address Book by selecting their name, and then clicking the Add to Address Book button.

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