One iMac Every 17 Seconds? Download Your iMac Counter!

James Sentman, the author of WhistleBlower, a server monitor utility, has announced a fun toy for the Mac geek in all of us. Mr. Sentman has announced the iMac Counter Clock, a utility that keeps track of how many iMacs have been sold based on the statistics given by Steve Jobs during his keynote address on Wednesday. According to Mr. Sentman:

I got the afternoon off so had some fun. Based on this mornings stats that Steve presented, an iMac is sold every 17 seconds! Now you can see exact numbers of iMacs out there as a potential market for your software by downloading:

The numbers are painstakingly calculated from precise date measurements and run through double precision integer routines. This is valuable marketing data that might cost you a fortune from other distributors, but for a limited time you can download this program for FREE. Thats right, FREE! Also from my home page you can download the source code as well.

Of interest in the source code might be the simple XML parsing routines that are used to store the prefs. They donit implement the full standard but might be useful for more limited applications. Like storing prefs:) Also the program demonstrates some interesting other aspects, like flickerless static text over a background image and some relatively smooth scrolling text.

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You can find more information on Mr. Sentman and his products at his Web site. You can download the iMac Counter Clock directly from his site.