Online Gaming From NCsoft

NCsoft Corporation has announced the release on the online game Lineage for the Mac. Lineage is a fantasy/role playing game with a community of over 200,00 subscribers to battle with. The online game allows users the ability to lay siege with others across the globe in a 3D environment. According to NCsoft:

NCsoft(tm) Corporation, the worldis largest independent online game company, today announced Lineage(tm) for the Mac. With its superior power, performance and graphics capabilities, the Mac is a tremendous platform for online gaming. The timing is perfect as NCsoft recently launched the North American version of this massively popular subscription-based online game and is building on more than four million subscribers and 330,000 concurrent users worldwide.

The Mac version, which launches in February, will be on display in the Mac OS X Game Arcade at the Macworld Conference and Expo taking place this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

Mac users and PC users will be able to play alongside each other in Lineage. The game raises the concepts of community, player interaction, and combat to new levels with the introduction of Blood Pledges-strong alliances with friends and allies in the game world. Once a Pledge is formed, the players can develop a strategy for overtaking a castle.

You can find more information about Lineage at the NCsoft Web site. A Lineage subscription is available for US$15.00 a month.