OpenOSX Updates Office, Grass for Leopard

OpenOSX announced the immediate availability of OpenOSX Office 2.0 and OpenOSX GrassPro 6.2.1 on Monday. The updates improve support for X11 and Mac OS X 10.5.

OpenOSX Office 2.0 is an office productivity application suite based on the open source GNOME Office. It includes Gnumeric, and Excel compatible spreadsheet app; AbiWord, a Word compatible word processor; the vector-based image editing application Inkscape; the flowchart application Diagram; and the Gnucash personal and small business financial management application.

OpenOSX GrassPro 2.6.1 is a Geographic Information System (GIS) application built on the open source Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, or GRASS.

OpenOSX Office 2.0 is priced at US$30 as an electronic download, or $40 on CD. OpenOSX GrassPro costs $50 as a download, or $60 on CD. The updated for both application suites are available as free downloads from the OpenOSX Web site.