OpenOS Updates OpenWeb With PHP 4.3.0

OpenOSX has released an update for OpenWeb, bringing it to version 2.5.1. OpenWeb is a toolset designed for Web development. The update features PHP 4.3.0 and other minor enhancements and fixes. According to OpenOSX:

OpenOSX today updated their OpenWeb CD from version 2.5 to 2.5.1 and published a free 2.5.1 update for their OpenWeb 2.5 customers.

The OpenWeb product is designed to empower Webmasters with a wide range of ready to use tools as fast, conveniently and easily as possible. The OpenWeb customizable package, will install and fully
configure a suite of popular server software and Web-applications including: a secure shopping cart, a content management and publishing system, Web-based graphical server administration tools (supporting DNS, SSL, Apache, MySQL, Samba and more), SQL database backends, a search engine, bulletin board system, advertising management and more.

The minor new version delivers updated software including PHP 4.3.0, additional enhancements and will eliminate several potential issues discovered with the previous version.

You can find more information about the OpenWeb update at the OpenOSX Web site. OpenWeb 2.5.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$60.00.