Open Database Connectivity Driver From August Software

August Software is now shipping ODBS OverDRIVER 3.51 for Mac OS. ODBS OverDRIVER is designed to work with File Maker Pro 5.5 and enables many Mac apps interaction with SQL databases including ORACLE and SYBASE. According to August Software:

August Software today announced the delivery of a new Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) OverDRIVER for Macintosh.

Available now, the new ODBC OverDRIVER 3.51 works in concert with an ODBC Router to enable File Maker Pro 5.5 and many other Mac applications to interact with virtually any SQL database system including MS-Access, ORACLE, SYBASE, Pick, DB/2, Rdb/VMS and hundreds of others.

You can find more information about ODBS OverDRIVER 3.51 at the August Software Web site. ODBS OverDRIVER is available starting at US$99.00.