Open Door Networks Announces Major Updates to Security Suite

The entire suite of Internet security products has been updated by Open Door Networks on Tuesday.

1. The DoorStop X Firewall, version 2.0, adds "Location sets," which specify different protection for different network environments, automated log archiving, service-specific logging options, direct integration with Open Dooris security blog and other new features and fixes.

2. The Whois There? Firewall Advisor, version 2.1, includes new filtering and searching features, enhanced real-time scrolling, direct integration with Open Dooris security blog, new service definitions and bug fixes.

3. The eBook "Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of Us" has been updated to discuss the latest issues and concerns, in particular security for Intel Macs running Mac OS X and/or Windows. The eBook, and its associated blog,, are integrated into Open Dooris other security products, and the book is also available as a standalone PDF file.

Through February 14, 2007, special pricing for the products is:

  • DoorStop X Firewall 2.0: $39
  • Whois There? 2.1: $29
  • Internet Security for Your Macintosh": $9
  • DoorStop X Security Suite 2.0: $69

Through the same period, upgrade pricing includes:

  • Any version of DoorStop X Firewall to 2.0: $29
  • Any version of Whois There? to 2.1: $19
  • "Internet Security for Your Macintosh": Free
  • DoorStop X Security Suite 1.0 to 2.0: $39