Open Letter to Apple: Bring On The Games!

The Mac uses Intel processors, supports industry standard video cards, runs Mac OS X or Windows, and there are plenty of apps available. Whatis to keep a Windows user from switching? Games. In an open letter to Apple, Fileplanetis editor-in-chief Dave Kosak said he feels a major stumbling block for many potential switchers is Appleis apparent lack of support for the computer gaming community.

"Itis not that the Mac gaming shelf is devoid of life -- any system that plays Civ IV gets a thumbs-up in my book," he said. "But for a serious gamer the PC continues to be where itis at."

What Mr. Kosak wants to see from Apple is the kind of support for PC gaming that Microsoft provides. Microsoftis corporate structure includes a game technology division and a "Games for Windows" team, plus the company has bought up several game developers including the pro-Mac Bungie.

His advice to Apple is "Take some of that big money youire making from iTunes and shovel it into gaming. Donit go half-assed, Apple. Buy some companies up."

Buying companies and products isnit something new for Apple. The company has used the tactic in the past to add products like Logic, Soundtrack, Shake, and Final Cut to its stable - thereis no reason why Apple couldnit do the same for games.

But the big question that needs to be addressed is whether or not Apple wants to pursue computer games to increase market share. If not, serious gamers like Mr. Kosak are likely to stick with their Windows PCs.