Opera Ships With IE Setup Emulators

Opera Software has released new setups for Opera users. Opera is an Internet browser designed for interfacing a user with the world of the Internet. The new setups emulate the look and feel of Internet Explorer by changing toolbars and menus. According to Opera Software:

Opera Softwareis browser has long been recognized for its speed and inventiveness, with Opera having driven browser innovation over the last few years.

To assist the Microsoft Internet Explorer users in search for a better browser, Opera Software today released a series of one-click setups that instantly change Operais toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures, one of which emulates an IE-like look and feel. With this, migrators from IE have an even easier start on a more advanced Web browsing application.

You can find more information about Opera at the Opera Software Web site. Opera is available for US$39.00.