Opera Updated With Speed Improvements And Expanded Languages

Opera Software has released an update for Opera, bringing it to version 6.02. Opera is an Internet browser designed for interfacing a user with the world of the Internet. The update ships with several enhancements including expanded language support and improved speed. According to Opera Software:

Opera today released Opera 6.02 for Mac, quelling earlier rumors that the company would not continue development on Mac OS. Thanks to the great interest from end users and corporate customers, Opera is committed to continue its development on the Mac platform, with a release of Opera 7 scheduled for later this year.

In July, 2002, Macromedia announced that they would embed Opera in their Web authoring products. Since then, many other companies have been in negotiations with Opera about embedding the Opera rendering engine in their products, and the increased popularity of Operais rendering engine is fueling the continued Mac development efforts at Opera.

Opera for Mac 6.02 comes in an English, French, Japanese, and German version, and more language releases will be made available in the next couple of weeks. The new version is optimized for extra speed, now works in kiosk mode, and includes various bug fixes.

You can find more information about the Opera update at the Opera Software Web site. Opera 6.02 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$39.00.