Optimize Your Web Content With WebsiteCompressor

Blue Line Studios has released a new version of WebsiteCompressor, bringing it to version 3. WebsiteCompressor is a Web site utility designed to streamline code generated from WYSIWYG editors. The new version has several bug fixes and additional features. According to Blue Line Studios:

Blue Line Studios today released version 3 of their Web content optimizer "WebsiteCompressor".

WebsiteCompressor is a tool to streamline HTML code generated by WYSIWYG-HTML editor applications. Most of them add lots of characters to format or comment HTML code they generate. These unnecessary data, although ignored by the browser applications, has still to be transferred between servers. WebsiteCompressor will analyze the code and carefully remove superfluous chars.

Fixes and additional features:

  • Drag&Drop full support: entire folder drops on main window will now be accepted
  • JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets code will be handled more carefully
  • Image compression oddity when running in 8-bit monitor mode has been fixed
  • Drops under OS X Classic environment will no longer freeze the OS

You can find more information about WebsiteCompressor at the Blue Line Studios Web site. WebsiteCompressor 3 is available for US$20.00.