Orange Paving The Way For USB 2.0 On The Macintosh

Orange Micro has announced that they will be developing Macintosh drivers for implementing the latest connectivity option, USB 2.0, on the Macintosh. Apple is expected to eventually build USB 2.0 support into the Mac OS itself. In the meantime, however, Orange will make extensions available allowing developers to start moving USB 2.0 to the Mac. According to Orange Micro:

Orange Micro is offering on an OEM license for its Apple Macintosh extension software which will be necessary for all USB 2.0 devices for early operation on the Apple Systems. Apple Macintosh Beta extension will be available for USB 2.0 Hi-Speed developers at the beginning of January.

Orange Micro OEM 2.0 Apple extensions will allow USB 2.0 Hi-Speed peripheral manufacturers to begin early development for this new technology interim to the availability of Appleis USB 2.0 solution. This will allow peripheral manufacturers to offer Mac USB 2.0 solutions simultaneously with Windows USB 2.0 compatibility. Microsoft has already developed USB 2.0 system software which is available now for developer testing.

Starting in February 2001 Orange Micro will be offering their complete line of OrangeUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed products. The OrangeUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed PCI Board outperforms the older USB 1.1 by running up to 480 Mbits/s compared to the standard 12 Mbits/s. Orange Micro is also proud to introduce their OrangeLink+ FireWire plus USB 2.0 Hi-Speed combination card. Save a valuable slot by adding 3 FireWire ports and 4 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports on just one card. The OrangeUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub offers the user 4 ports which will connect either the new USB 2.0 high performance peripherals or the legacy USB 1.1 devices. All USB 2.0 Hi-Speed products are fully backwards-compatible with all existing USB products.

You can find more information on Orange Microis USB 2.0 plans at the Orange Micro web site.