Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings

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Observer David Sjodin writes in about an orange iBook he spotted being used in production for The Lord of the Rings movie. E! Online has published a special feature on the movie, and in a story about producing the music for the film, Mr. Sjodinis eagle-eyes spotted the iBook at work. From Observer David:


Thought Iid let you know that theyire apparently using Macis to do, well, something in New Line Cinemais upcoming Lord of the Rings-trilogy. In a picture at E! Onlineis Web site, thereis a clearly visible tangerine iBook. The site, E! Onlineis Force of the Hobbit, is a very nice place to visit for info on the films. Iid also recommend

Thanks for making Mac Observer such a great site!

David Sjodin, Sweden

Well, youire very welcome, David, and thanks for including such a nice comment in your letter too. We have a thread on The Lord of the Rings movie in our forums. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.

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