Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings

Observer David Sjodin writes in about an orange iBook he spotted being used in production for The Lord of the Rings movie. E! Online has published a special feature on the movie, and in a story about producing the music for the film, Mr. Sjodinis eagle-eyes spotted the iBook at work. From Observer David:


Thought Iid let you know that theyire apparently using Macis to do, well, something in New Line Cinemais upcoming Lord of the Rings-trilogy. In a picture at E! Onlineis Web site, thereis a clearly visible tangerine iBook. The site, E! Onlineis Force of the Hobbit, is a very nice place to visit for info on the films. Iid also recommend

Thanks for making Mac Observer such a great site!

David Sjodin, Sweden

Well, youire very welcome, David, and thanks for including such a nice comment in your letter too. We have a thread on The Lord of the Rings movie in our forums. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.