Other World Computing Bundles Retrospect With Mercury Line

Other World Computing has announced the bundling of Retrospect with all shipped Mercury line hard drives. The Mercury line are a family of external FireWire enabled devices. Retrospect is a back and restore utility designed for hard drives. According to Other World Computing:

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced it has begun bundling Dantz(r) Development Corporationis Retrospect(r) backup and restore software with all external OWC Mercury FireWire storage drives.

Dantz is a leader in backup and restore software for small and midsize businesses.

Retrospect enables users to protect valuable data stored on their computersi internal hard drives by backing it up with a number of different sources. Regardless of which connection method is used (i.e. FireWire, USB, ATAPI, SCSI or otherwise), Retrospect provides backup to CDs and DVDs, hard drives and other devices.

You can find more information about the Mercury line of drives at the Other World Computing Web site. Pricing is dependent on config and model.