Other World Computing Reduces Mercury Elite Pro Line Prices

Other World Computing has reduced prices on the Mercury Elite Pro line of drives. The Mercury Elite Pro external hard drives feature either 8MB or 2MB of cache and Firewire data transfer rates. The drives ship with operating speeds of 7,200 RPMs and feature drive spaces from 40 to 120 GBs. According to Other World Computing:

Other World Computing (OWC) today reduced prices on all of the companyis Mercury Elite Pro external FireWire storage solutions, which feature some of the industryis largest and fastest hardware components. The new prices are from $20 to $50 dollars lower, and are a direct result of OWCis efforts to pass any savings it gains through volume purchases on to its customers.

The Mercury Elite Pro hard drives configured with 8MBs of high-performance cache offer significant data transfer benefits in both burst data and sustained overall performance when compared to models with 2MBs of cache. Each Mercury Elite Pro drive measures 1.5-inches x 9.0-inches x 5.5-inches and weighs less than three pounds. The convenient plug-and-play capability of the Mercury Elite Pros also allows for easy transfer and connection to and from office, home or off-site presentation computers.

You can find more information about the Mercury Elite drives at the Other World Computing Web site. The Mercury Elite Pro line is available starting at US$159.99 for the 40 GB drive.