Ovolab Releases Geophoto

Ovolab announced on Monday the release of Geophoto, its new Mac OS X software for browsing, collecting, and sharing digital pictures. Photos can be geotagged and linked to geographic locations.

"Ovolab Geophoto displays photos on a three-dimensional representation of the Earth, pinned to the location where each photo was taken. The user can pan, zoom and fly through the photos, thanks to high-resolution satellite images of the Earth.

"Users can easily drag their pictures to a specific location on the globe in order to "geotag" them. Once geotagged, a picture can be shared with other users and will automatically appear in the correct location on the Earth when opened in Geophoto," according to the announcement.

A connection to the Internet is not required to place photos or browse, and there is seamless integration to Appleis iPhoto. Users can add geotagging data to photos not yet linked to a specific location. Geophoto supports GPS data stored in JPEG files, Camera RAW images and other formats.

Geophoto can be an invaluable tool for travelers, professional photographers, or anyone who wants to organize their own photos or explore new places or share with any member of the Flickr community.

Geophoto requires Mac OS X 10.4, is a Universal Application, and is available immediately. It is priced at US$49.95.