PANTONE Color Cue 2.1 Improves Goe Support

PANTONE announced the immediate availability of the Color Cue 2.1 on Wednesday. The new version of the portable color sampling device sports support for PANTONE Goe coated and uncoated color matching libraries.

Color Cue 2.1 includes seven PANTONE libraries for more than 11,000 color matches, an easier viewing LCD screen, stores the last 30 color measurements, and is powered by a single 9-volt battery.

Color Cue 2.1
PANTONE also introduced a new coated version of its GoeBridge color guide fan book. The guide displays color swatches for all 2,058 Goe colors on coated stock along with four color, sRGB and HTML conversion values.

GoeBridge Coated

Color Cue 2.1 is priced at US$299. The PANTONE GoeBridge coated will ship in October and will cost $99.