PANTONE Launches New Goe Color Matching System

PANTONE, best known for its color matching products, announced on Wednesday that it has developed a successor to its venerable PANTONE Matching System. The new system, called Goe, will work in tandem with PMS while offering cross-media support the original could not provide.

Goe sports 2,058 new colors, chromatic arrangement for color guides, and new color naming protocol unique from PMS. Goe inks are formulated from ten base inks that are available around the world, instead of the 14 required for PMS colors, and Goe inks offer a consistent ink film thickness.

The PANTONE Goe System

The Goe system includes the GoeGuide, a fan-style guide that displays every Goe color; GoeSticks, adhesive-backed color chips; and myPANTONE Palettes, a cross-platform color workspace for selecting colors and building Goe-based color palettes manually or by selecting colors from images.

PANTONE Goe will be supported by Adobe Systems, Quark Inc., Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFI), Flint Group, Hewlett-Packard, Heidelberg, Xerox Corporation, and more. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

Pantone Goe will be available October 1, and will be priced at US$499. The PMS system will still be available for companies that have not transitioned to Goe.