PC Fan Constructs Mac From Used Parts

Overclockers.com has published the story of a PC fan who went to great lengths to learn how to build a Mac out of a mix of PC and Mac parts. Michael Hughes was interested in experiencing Mac OS X, but did not want to pay for what he considered to be an overpriced Mac. Being an experienced PC gearhead, his solution was to learn about many of the technical ins and outs of Mac logic boards, issues that most Mac users never think about, and then experimenting until he could make his frankenstein Mac work. From the article:

This project was the result of me wanting to try the Apple OS and computer system but not wanting to pay the (to me) outrageous prices for the system to just simply toy with it. I am a PC person - I have used PCs for years, I have a "home" network of 4 computers and have built a number of PCs. Being the tech junky that I am, I decided to combine my first Apple OS experience with the experience of also building an Apple computer.

Sadly, this project would cost more than I had budgeted because I was sent a junky part that the seller said was working. Moral of the story: Always be careful about buying used electronics. However, overall the project has turned out well and I have learned a great deal from it.


The first part of the project was to decide which components were needed and how the system was to be built. First, the different Macintosh models: the most current models are based on the G5 CPU. The next oldest set of models was based on the G4 CPU, which was preceded by the G3. For this project, a system based on the G4 CPU was the most appropriate.

There is a lot of information in the full, seven page article at Overclockers.com. We recommend it as a very interesting read, especially for anyone interested in what it takes to build their own Mac. Thanks to TMO forum member jonkroupa for pointing us to the article.